How to make the SME website search engine optimization?

China enterprise information development has gone through the first step, almost every enterprise has a network promotional platform. Each company has its own Web site, but many Chinese managers are not sure websites will bring benefits to the enterprise. There is one such example, a relatively small sterilization equipment factory in the South, with annual sales of more than 3 million, right left 1 million of which were sold by network. In contrast, network marketing products that cost relatively little, users to see product pictures, technical performance, contact the product manufacturer, negotiation, order. Compared to traditional types of event marketing, sales marketing a lot of overhead. Profits also will be promoted. They are the secret to Internet marketing is SEO.

what is website search engine optimization? Search Engine Optimization short for SEO work is through an understanding of how search engines crawl Web pages and how to index and how to determine its search results ranking for a particular keyword technology to related Web page optimization, to increase search engine rankings, so as to improve Web site traffic, and ultimately enhance website sales or information technology.

search engine optimization is a comprehensive Web site optimization techniques, it usually consists of two aspects: external website internal optimization and website optimization. Internal optimization typically include: corporate website content up-to-date, product information is comprehensive and detailed, reasonable structure of enterprise's website, there is no design corner, site map design, simplicity of the keywords and description information. Website is the most important business contact information must be accurate, contact telephone number manned, condition, then you can use "instant messaging tools" online to receive customer inquiries. Second, external optimization usually refers to the major search engines included. Such as  Yahoo, Google, Baidu and other sites to do Internet marketing, PPC, site, keywords included.

from the perspective of marketing, search engine optimization should pay particular attention to the customer, from customer's perspective Web site development strategy. When potential customers search for your products to what keywords to use? This feedback can be obtained from a variety of resources, including your customers, suppliers, brand managers and marketing personnel there informed their thinking. Following points important:

1, extends into keywords a keyword phrase set, fixed after a set of keyword phrases, network marketing software can be used to detect these key phrases that its function is to view the keywords used in the network, as well as on the major search engines in the past 24 hours have how many people are using these key words when searching.

2, the best keywords are those who have been abused, but very popular word. Another technique is to use a rare combination. Effective keyword index (KeywordEffectivenessIndex:KEI) will show you the keywords that are used in the database of occurrences of similar competitive and the number of Web pages. Look for keywords that works for your Web page. Higher the KEI value, means that the words more popular, and less competition. KEI 100 points is good, more than 400 points can be described as excellent. Note that only the keywords used to describe your product.

3, if it is a brand, then use your company name, if you are a well-known brand, using your company name in the keyword. &Nbsp;IBM personal computers, IBM laptops, IBM server product, IBM database products, IBM  enterprise software.

4, the use of location, if your position is critical, you add it to your key phrase.

there is an important indicator of website to introduce to friends, it is the Alexa site rankings.

what is the Alexa rank of the website. Alexa site most famous is the global website rankings. This rank is achieved by monitoring the installation of millions of Alexa toolbar (Alexa toolbar) user clicks a day out. It is also the world-wide independent third party monitoring body. Using ALEXA rankings, we can see that level of importance on your Web site. So how do you know what is the ranking of the site since ALEXA is the English site, can be viewed familiar with the English friends. Figure 1

click the query. Background information appears on the website and overall standings.

Figure 2 shows some background information on the site, it is important to show the ALEXA ranking as a 404 on. Indicates that the site is a large volume, well-known website. Figure 3 is the site's ALEXA ranking trends, as well as the site of the secondary site to be accessed. Figure 4 shows the Web site, average daily IP visits, pageviews and daily average. Figure 5 illustrates the Web site traffic trends of the last 6 months.

through such a third party Web site monitoring, I believe we can more fully understand its own website. According to their own characteristics of the site, as well as statistical data,  to develop their own Web site optimization solutions.

noteworthy are: ALEXA ranking is also affected by other factors:

1.Alexa website is ranked according to each specific Web site visits. Access more and more front.

2. included in the statistics of visits only from using the Alexa toolbar (Alexa Toolbar) users. In other words, only users to download the Alexa toolbar, and embed it in your browser. In this way, the user visits a Web site, access records of your visit by hitting traffic. According to statistics from Alexa, now use the millions of users of the toolbar.

3.Alexa toolbar is available only in Windows operating systems, Internet Exploer useful in the browser, using a different operating system or browser to access will not be counted.

4. encounters site security or encryption (if using the HTTP protocol), Alexa toolbar will close automatically, so that high safety factor website, Alexa will not search for it and the Statistical rankings.

5. use the Alexa toolbar user's language, geographic, cultural, and other effects. English Web site compared to other language sites, traffic data are more likely to be full statistics.

through search engine optimization service get of access flow is free of, to can stream to get new of customer and not need for click pay additional of costs, this is a as long-term target to for of search engine marketing way, but to reached ideal ranking of time compared long, General for 2-12 months; used bidding ranking of benefits is immediately can get flow, but to for each click to paid, ranking more high, price more your, long-term do words, costs will is big, Only as a short-term target for search engine marketing. According to the actual website I recommend users to select search engines marketing methods, if this is a new website, it is recommended that both SEO and PPC search engine marketing if the site has a certain flow, you can just select a search engine optimization to increase Web site traffic and to achieve the best return on investment.

search engine optimization is a comprehensive technology, along with the development of network technology and innovation. For small and medium enterprises, network marketing is a marketing method that customers look for you, is a way of saving money and energy marketing. Want more customers to find you, find you need your heads of enterprises, as well as the site's continuous efforts, also needs to do for their own features to the Web site's search engine optimization. Hope that this article can also play a valuable role, and makes you pay attention to your site's search engine optimization. Hope your site can bring you money.