Google Optimization article: link

in the "search engine registration" related content, talk about second generation represented by the Google search engine will be decided number of links to other sites as an indicator of a website ranking, in fact, link exchange is also one of the most common Web site promotion tools, opportunities to be links to other sites, the more, the better to promote their Web sites.

     for most small website, among other things, this ** roll is a commonly used method, and there is a certain effect.

Exchange links or reciprocal links, swap links, links, and so on, is a simple site with a certain complementary forms of cooperation, which are placed on his Web site, the other site's LOGO or site name, and set the hyperlinks to other sites, allowing users to find their sites from partner sites, meet the promoting each other's accounts.

link exchange function is mainly manifested in several ways: get traffic, increase when users browse the impression, in search engine rankings, increasing advantage, recommended increased visitor confidence through partner sites. However, about the effect of exchanging links, there are different views in the industry, some people think that website very few visits can be obtained from the link, others believe that exchanging links can not only access to potential brand value, you can also get a lot of direct hits.

this book of views think, exchange links of meaning actually has beyond has whether can directly increased access volume this a category, than increased access volume more important of at is industry of cognitive and recognized, because generally, each other links of website in scale Shang compared close, content Shang has must of correlation or complementarity, only after other of recognized only may will you of website as cooperation object.

frequently asked questions for the exchange of links

website link issue, we often see some very different results, some sites are not indiscriminate lists the many seemingly unrelated Web sites, chemical building materials to a personal photo, and all sorts of personal home pages and there are also many websites, there is no links to related Web sites. Both of these conditions are a bit extreme, even for the more normal Web link, there are some issues that need attention.

(1) the number of links there is no standard?

how many links would be considered adequate? this is some online marketers often are more concerned about the issue, however, this standard would be difficult to identify, mainly related with the site status in your field. A special professional websites, content related or complementary websites can be very small, so the number of possible link exchange naturally less. Conversely, mass-market Web site link objects that can be selected is much broader.

in General, you can refer to and their contents and scope of the Web site, look to others, if you felt the need to do those sites linked Web sites have appeared in its own list of links, but also what others have not, but a valuable partner sites, then it should be considered to be very productive. However, new sites are constantly emerging, link exchange work will not end when your partner list will get longer and longer, which is a good sign. In short, there is no absolute quantitative criteria, quality of cooperation (hits, and so on) are also important parameter of evaluating swap links.

(2) different LOGO styles and download speeds

link exchange there are two major ways of picture and text link, if the image links (usually as the site's LOGO), due to the site's logo varied, even if the specifications can be unified (mostly 88x31 pixels), image formats, colors and styles of your site it is difficult to reconcile, the site's overall visual effect. For example, some icon is an animation format, are static images, some of the scenes beat very fast. Lots of images placed together tend to give the feeling of dazzling, not each site's LOGO, but can let visitors understand it to mean, not only for anticipated traffic links, also had a negative impact on your site.

in addition, the Home put too many pictures can affect the download speed, especially when these pictures came from a different Web server. Therefore, the site is not recommended Home more pictures link, moderate, and layout of the site, 5 the following should not be too much, but whatever the case, over 10 different styles of pictures put together will make browsing your eyes feel uncomfortable.

(3) visit link partner's Web site

with search engine registered as, exchange links once completed, also has must of relative stability, but, also is need do not regularly check, is visit friendship links partners of website, see other of website whether normal run, himself of website whether was canceled or appeared errors links, or, because other page revision, and URL points to transfer, reasons, whether will will himself of Web site links errors. Because due to the exchange of links usually appear on the site's Home Shang, incorrect or invalid links have a greater negative impact on the quality of your site.

If you find the other missing links or other circumstances, you should get in touch with each other, because if some sites closed, cannot be opened, still cannot be recovered over time when the suspension of those dead links should be taken into account. However, you can back up information, perhaps he will contact you to solve the problem, and demanded the restoration of links.

the same way, for the benefit of partners, when their website any major changes or is no longer considered appropriate in exchange links, should also notify the other party in a timely manner.

(4) not to link unrelated to the Web site

may you will received some irrelevant of website requirements exchange links of letters, don't thought links of website number more more more good, has nothing to do of links on himself of website no what positive effect, instead, large has nothing to do of or low website of links, will reduced those quality website on you of trust, while, visitors also will will you of website considered quality low or enough professional, serious effect website of reputation.

(5) an invalid link

nobody likes to see his website there is a lot of invalid links, but, in fact, many websites have this problem to varying degrees. Even Web site internal links are not a problem, but it is difficult to ensure that is also no problem linking to external, closed because of the linked website may undergo revision, and other reasons, the original path is no longer valid, and for visitors, all issues are the number of issues, they did not analyze whether each other's site has been shut down or had other problems. Therefore, every certain period on site links for systematic inspection is necessary.

also, new website daily are in constantly birth, exchange links of task also on no ended of when, certainly, in many situation Xia, are is new website active proposed cooperation of requests, on these website for strictly of study, from select for himself of website, will cooperation partners of team constantly grow and rich, on most website for, are is a pen huge of wealth.