Comparison and analysis of Baidu and Google promotion

Google tries to channel promotion, detours, and vigorously promoting direct sales. My personal feeling, Google AdWords have great potential for direct sales. Following the promotion of Baidu and Google services:

1, high and low thresholds:

company: opening for the first time at least 2400

Google: open an account at least for the first time have to pay 100 Yuan

2, click on the compare:

Baidu: minimum 0.3 Yuan per click

Google: minimum charge of 0.08 Yuan per click

3, technical support:

Baidu: failure to provide detailed analysis of Internet marketing tools

Google: provide a super powerful analytics traffic analysis service, is very accurate for detecting effect of conversion rate information for individual keywords to help users improve advertising effectiveness.

4, market analysis:

Baidu: the largest Chinese search engine, your business can be extended to the whole of China. Domestic promotion, has advantages.

Google: the world's largest search engine, you can take your business to the world. Domestic promotion, although market share not Baidu, but effects are also very good, and foreign trade companies in international promotion, with the most powerful advantage.

5, promotion strategies:

company: business channels to promote open and burn bridges, kicked off the channel, now mainly rely on direct sales.

Google: business started by channel, the result is not satisfactory, and began to push direct selling, and Union of using its AdSense platform to let tens of thousands of individual Web sites to help promote Adwords business.