Some principles of SEO should know

Website optimization has done for almost a year, during more than 10 sites, there have been successes and failures. Here today summarizing some of the views and experiences of your SEO. Hope for those who are not too familiar with SEO  's online help. Each search engine has its own algorithm, proper SEO can improve the site's ranking, which makes it easier for website marketing can become simpler. Search engine algorithms, some personal recognition and summarizes the following rules.

1,  Title parts are an important part of Web page optimization, many webmasters have great importance to the preparation of the title. Title and keywords meet the higher the better. Website must carefully analyze related keyword strategy site for keyword filtering. Here to pay attention to the long tail keywords are long tail keywords drive more traffic to the site.

2,   head and the bottom of the page is also very important. To add keywords to the inside, not to care about the so-called keyword density, density does not exceed 50% as long as you, as long as you are consistent with, as long as your content is important for your users, addition of appropriate keywords on the page, but better to remind the search engine here is the content you need.

3, and   outside chain is very important of, outside chain of quality and volume decided has you of website in search engine in the of ranking, but is not said outside chain more, ranking on will good, after all decided website ranking of factors also many, outside chain only just which of a important part, remember if you to you of website long-term of survived in search engine in, don't for mass, mass of results is one day you found you of website suddenly in search engine in the disappeared has.

4,   is the soul of Web site optimization. Only good content attracts search engine coming, and keep updating your site every day so that spiders have something to eat when visiting. The best method is to update every day, and keep, it had better be original, because search engines are very like the original. Same thing on the Internet is not going to go and do not like to see.

5,   in fact, final should be a part of the Web site domain name and server options. First, you must choose a good domain name, the domain name best associated with your product key, and ensure that the domain name easy to remember, the best choice for. com. Also choose a good server, if your site server is often a problem, leading to problems frequently cannot browse the Web site, then your site will be greatly affected, ranking will be hard to upgrade. So choose Server is also a very important part.

6,   site only Home is not enough to optimize, site optimization best is the station at the same time, each content page must be keyword, try not to like, especially the beginning of 100 words best not to stand with other pages in the same way.

7,   Web Directory and the result is a very important part of website optimization. Reasonable directory structure that will make it easier for search engines to find your website content, rankings are naturally high. Imagine if your list very messy, directory name unintelligible, the search engine spiders come in like a maze. There are many free online source and CMS, many owners may be find some blind start optimization  , in fact, the source code is there are all kinds of errors, is unreasonable for website optimization. Therefore still seriously yourself or someone else, or buy a website source code, keep in mind the site of agency reasonable to just go.

in short, are the words: "content is King, outside the chain for the Emperor". However, search engines to spread the chain a little bit bored now, owners are still very much importance to the construction of the station.