Network promotion
Members SEOER friends are are is encountered of this like of problem: established a website easy, promotion a website on compared difficult. how let website of visibility reached maximum, this is each SEOER encountered of problem. actually website in no online of when will for good prepared, saying; horses not moving, fodder first. website of promotion is such child of, in do website promotion programme of when to note consider following points

while doing keyword bidding and optimization

this way on webmaster friends are for not strange, but has rarely of people willing to to do, actually a enterprise, this second-hand are to prepared, do SEO of while also do bidding, bidding will spent Enterprise large of money but worked fast, as long as you to money, ranking immediately on up has, certainly which days you didn't money has, ranking on no has, on like a lover as, rich of when on to has, didn't money of when immediately byebye, compared SEO optimization for need spent time, is a long-term of process, But SEO is stable, as long as you don't go to the operation is basically what problem does not occur, the relative business costs will be much less than the bid of the late. Bidding and when you do site promotion SEO optimization at the same time, by bidding in the early post on SEO optimization.

Second, through QQ extension

this method I wants to everyone are see had, and will antipathy, I wants to that "iron goddess" of hard implanted advertising let everyone are fear has, but it also has a benefits: famous has. Although is notoriety, but is expanded has visibility. I now to said of QQ promotion is and it not related of, conducive to QQ this platform, established QQ Group, put you of some potential of customer added came in, with discussion, help they solution usually encountered of problem. in these customer of mind in the has you this impression, I need this product is top of mind for you. for his potential to accept you, and his friends are going to the product, he will think of you.

third, through message extension

now, email is a very direct way, of course I don't mean spam, otherwise it cannot achieve the effect of promotion, if we can find our user base, and then send targeted information, with this promotion method is still pretty big. QQ mail is recommended because it reminds the user does not receive the message.

four, through the Forum, community outreach

now the Forum, gathering a large number of people in the community, we can find is according to the content of our website targeting users of our site, and by communicating with others in such places, post, finally, we import the targeted user groups Web site, which is also good.

five, Twitter promotion

two years ago of when Sina first a launched has micro-Bo, let Internet with of for has micro-Bo hot, now four portal website are in preemption micro-Bo market. micro-Bo is typical of pair more of promotion way, fans number has how many, you sent of information on will has how many people while received to, these fans in the has half of people to see has you sent of information, on has a is big of effect has, again half of people to click you of website, Also brings you a lot of traffic ... but Twitter fans to pay attention to quality as well as high ... so that the child can have a greater effect.