Network promotion
Do foreign trade station of many seoer for website promotion upset was, foreign trade station "built station easy, promotion difficult", many friends are thought, put key word determine good has, then website made to has,, Google included has, then with software sent sent garbage outside chain, on will has ranking has, on will has flow has, then money on kept to drill to pocket in has...

     idea is so simple, so easy, if any, estimated that people across the site to make money, English station difficult, mainly because of different network environments, do Chinese station, you find much more easier than English station link, do not think that using software to send trash outside the chain will be able to solve the problem, must be familiar with the English environment.

     here and I want to start to do foreign trade accumulated friends about English resources station ideas and methods, if used properly, there should be some effect

    1. using Google search terms

     query top competitor's Web site, and then directly into their site to Google to check backlinks, look outside the chain is what to do, they can become soft and you can also learn about an article, people can log on to, you can also go to visit, local family mail, you can also go to a message. So the first step is to learn, this is a necessary process.

    2. go to the foreign forum or Forum on foreign trade

     in Forum in the you can understand to foreigners of idea, and Forum in the will has many need Exchange friendship links of, they most will proposed some conditions, if you think right, on with they for Exchange some links, certainly, you also can around domestic of foreign trade forum, this class Forum in the has many of veteran, they will from time to time of risk experience to everyone, this a step is Exchange, also very important, to learned how in English environment Xia Exchange.

    3. the most basic website promotion actions

     submit directories, bookmarking sites, Forum, promotion, blog post, do these have to do it slowly, it is not possible you will have effect from the start, but long results will come out. This step is hard work, don't do it, then you work hard enough, then Google's attitude to you may be a bit that, put in the sandbox is reasonable.

     these basic operations, then your Web site promotion twice, there need to be reminded of is that since it's English website, so your target customers to your site browsing speed, is required.

     Website promotion of foreign trade, and the usual promotion does not make any difference, just changing the environment, only to you to know, you can get the English resources, resources such as accumulated more slowly, so your next promotion will have the same idea, and would not want to use software to send trash outside the chain.