Network promotion
The popularity of the network promoted the development of Web technology, while search engine technology has brought about the development of Internet-related business activity boom. However, tens of thousands of Web sites and Internet providers, how to make your site stand out, being found more quickly? Only one answer, that is, website promotion.

a Web site optimization and promotion work, when construction began, it has entered the early stages of Web site promotion. Not only that, the website promotion back and forth probably needs to go through four phases, and each phase has an extraordinary significance and unique value of work is essential.

first stage: the whole station optimization phase

here is a site optimization, including code optimization, image optimization and content optimization in three aspects. Web site promotion optimization, from the website construction phase has begun, in the process of building on the site, will produce a lot of junk code, which are the collective and the quality of the Web site, to do cleanup in the late.

website construction completed, positioning for your Web site, select the keywords, META attribute information such as title and description of the Web site, which is the number of subject and key to survival. Pictures for the site, because search engines cannot recognize the picture information, so to add alt attributes to the picture label and link pictures meaning accessible to search engine recognition. Content on the website, there is no need to say more, as we all know, is the site of the soul, so add the contents of the Web site, must be in line with the site's theme, also note that keywords and layout within the chain. Focus at this stage is to do better Web site, enhanced search engine friendly, improving the user experience. This phase typically remain half a month to a month of time.

phase II: infrastructure

after the first phase of optimization, work needs to be carried out has been very clear. After the first two stages of optimization and infrastructure, the site has basically taken shape, but is blank for the information on the site on the Internet. So that needs to be put on the Internet-related information to stand the test of the Internet, in practice there is nothing missing in places, and some BUG fixes. At this point, extension staff according to the nature and content of the site and do a book promotion programme, expand network infrastructure, including: blog building, encyclopedia-building, stick building, question-and-answer Forum on construction, layout information, and SNS community and Twitter community creation and maintenance. This stage featured one to two weeks.

third stage: stage of search engine promotion

search engine optimization and promotion, there is no doubt that websites have stereotypes, entered the stage of formal operations, also entered the promotion stage. We often say that the variety of website promotion tools can come in handy, including: blog promotion soft article promotion marketing, forums, quizzes, hype, SNS Community promotion, link exchange, and so on. This phase mainly for search engines, that is, to bring a large number of high quality links in their Web site, soft may not attract users to see, but must be able to attract the search engine robots. This stage can promote local promotional site information and Web-based data, such as information in the world ranking, PR value, and so on, in order to improve the website quality and genuine friendliness and the amount included in search engines. This stage featured for 2 months to 3 months.

fourth stage: target marketing stage

this stage is the most critical stage in website promotion, is also the most tested wisdom of the extension workers stage. On this stage in front of the stage is in different places, this time sites already have a certain amount of basic data, including the PR value, and the world ranking, the chain as well as data such as search engines have improved tremendously, the site also has a certain amount of traffic per day, there is a certain amount of capital. Promotion will begin at this time in favor of marketing. No longer is crazy to stay outside the chain, but speculation, in which some real traffic, intention to attract potential customers.

the basic operation of the stage are: blog, Forum, SNS and other community-related marketing of high quality soft, attract targeted customers to access the site, and to find a way to keep them, improve the website user experience: in addition, exchanging links with some of the industry's Web site, participate in affiliate activity, other channel resources Exchange, as well as advertising and marketing cooperation. To the customers who try every means to attract here.

Meanwhile, the website promotion staff can also use tools such as Quantum statistical analysis of site data and effective targets for targeted promotion, and the designers website and Web site production of hot topics and so on.