Network promotion
First, the website layout

website layout structure: site structure, Web site prototype, doing Web site before planning, design a model. Currently the mainstream design method for div+CSS because it can greatly reduce the unnecessary code in the Web page, that is, achieve the purpose of code optimization, increase the speed of a page to open, both for search engines and users are very friendly.

Second, purely static page design

why the purely static page design? this is to and pseudo-static design distinction, although pseudo static can also achieve the aim to please the search engines, but if you Web site traffic great directly will cause site opens very slowly, because pseudo static server bandwidth. In addition, if you are using a dynamic page designs, dynamic address parameter to shorten as much as possible, address search engines crawl less than that is too long.

third, title, keyword, description

title as with key word, if you understand key word participle that on best has, will key word reasonable of arrangement, remember don't will website name, and company name, and commodity name put in title first location, because search engine grab key word of principles is from to Hou, and first location should put main key word, website name, and company name, and commodity name basically are is unique, as long as website was Baidu included its ranking natural will row in front. Description do not use keywords to replace, and should be written on your website with descriptive words and reasonable interspersed in the primary key.

IV, internal site link

dead links within the site do not appear, this will prevent search engine crawling, is very friendly to search engines. In addition, the site links to concatenate all the articles, such as "previous" and "next" keyword anchor text links to the appropriate sections or articles.

fifth, website content

website optimization, doing good, if there is no content that is also vain, article to be original as much as possible, it is not original, pseudo-original, but original article original articles 30% opposite to each other, so that search engines can include articles.

VI, external links

external links don't mass software, black links, which would be bad for website optimization, white hat methods should be adopted, reasonable to post links, chain released regularly, not less. In addition preferred quality links of the chain, but also must guarantee the stability of the chain, cannot be said to be today the chain was Baidu, Baidu to see missing tomorrow.

website optimization, you have a good attitude, only a good attitude can stick to it.