Network promotion
Many websites rush is often not reached the pre effect instead of cause excessive optimization to make the site plummeted. So, when we are doing SEO, have to follow nature's law--an established the appropriate principles. Anything if you do too much, it will have the opposite effect. A few techniques can help to a certain extent more reasonable site webmaster friends, here's my summary of four points.

1th, keywords, not piling up excessive

optimized Web site before they decide on a need to optimize the keywords, then title, appropriate arrangements on the website the whole page, rather than piling a lot of keywords. About keywords in the Web page's layout has a tip, that is: make sure that the keywords appear in the first sentence, it's a value when search engines crawl the page and displays it.

2nd, the appropriate update site content

many webmaster friends information collector used to add content to your own website, in fact this is not a very sensible approach. First, search engines don't like to repeat things, and second, collecting information,  but there is a lack of effective targeted, easily lead to Web site keyword density of dilution. Real practice, appropriate updates some valuable, rare content on the Internet. Only in this way, whether it is search engines, users,   own, quite happy.

3rd, not to buy too much of the chain

this new station is quite common, in fact, this website is doing more harm than good. Search engines love new content, new site to join, and this new Word to where? Nothing on the Internet is not available in the site   no trace at the new station to buy large amounts of the chain, site outside the chain suddenly mushroomed, although you can increase the weight, but not too friendly for search engines, would arouse the suspicion of the search engines.

4th, please don't trust your technology

some friends technology is cattle x, will using some skills mandatory of increased outside chain or increased user of visited (this with purchase black chain similar), such although will in short time within to website brings flow, but such to   optimization and optimization of mentality is forever also left not customer of, user experience degrees bad, even is cheat has user, Xia once user on not buy you of account, and search engine most concern of is what? Is, of course, the user experience, such as   If you have sinned against God, then it certainly will not make you feel better.

having said that, there are optimization of illegal behavior, this paper discusses the subject of excessive, do not say so here. That sentence in the end, too, hoped that the webmaster friends leap.