Network promotion
Several networks have the first half of 2006 in the Beijing area over more than 1000 small business owners conducted a survey on online marketing applications, survey results show that SMEs have a high degree of trust on the Internet marketing, and through its significant returns. 67% small business owners believe their site generates direct sales or a significant impact on offline sales. 94% of small business access to the Internet, 70% of small business owners think that network marketing for their business promotion is very important or important.

iResearch research data show that sustainable growth in China use the search engine from 2001 only 70,000 businesses using search engine technology as the enterprise promotion, and by 2003 the number had reached 260,000, in 2006, it is expected that this number will reach 640,000. More and more SMEs are tasted significant return on Internet marketing.

Internet marketing this is a smooth yet?

five errors

at the first China enterprise network marketing roundtable forum, Internet marketing from 25 cities SME representatives and Internet marketing experts on network marketing, network marketing value, network marketing trends carried out in-depth exchange and discussion.

according to statistics, currently 100% of large enterprises as well as the 2/3 of small and medium enterprises to build their own Web sites; 1/3 of small business using online marketing. Internet marketing market conditions shows that the share of search engine promotion with 84.49% to become China's most important and most popular Internet marketing services in economically developed areas, there are currently 50.14% enterprises have purchased or intend to purchase Alibaba, Baidu search engine bidding network extension service network real name, real name, Baidu and Alibaba network search bids, Google now has become one of the most popular online marketing tools.

experts concluded the Internet marketing issues and experiences of SMEs, pointed out that SMEs currently there are five errors in network marketing:

a purpose is unknown, some companies blindly in the Internet boom, no established clear goals and clear strategy, resulting in wasted a lot of manpower and material resources;

Second, form, some forms of enterprises, the website looks fancy, but rarely effective information will not help to attract customers;

third, I do not know the promotion, some believed in "good wine needs no Bush", to market the Web site does not, there will be no return;

four is selective blindness, some businesses choose Internet marketing service, there is no scientific method for model selection, while blindly based on reputation alone, or price selection;

five-do not know how to evaluate, some companies don't know how to evaluate special assessment or no assessment without tools.

promotion is the core

in the three main links in the network marketing, website construction is based, Internet marketing is the core, customer service is guaranteed. In the process of effective Internet marketing, website building, website promotion and customer service of three links not one less. Otherwise, even with the best and most effective marketing tools, are unable to transform potential customers into real customers.

so, what model is more suitable for small and medium enterprises?

common search engine promotion service, there are people bidding and ranking mode. Is a pay for performance search bidding promotion, Google, Baidu is the provision of such products, one of the largest Servicers; ranking is promotion of a fixed charges, either as a monthly fee or annual fee.

it should be said that domestic perception of network marketing is moving from concept to practical. With the Internet becoming more mature, especially the popularity of Web promotion services, more and more enterprises to promote their products through the network access to a large number of potential customers, more and more enterprises have tasted the benefits of Internet marketing services. Meanwhile, domestic and foreign Internet firms are optimistic about China's the cake, according to iResearch the latest statistics show that network marketing as an effective way of marketing, advertiser demand and market in China is developing rapidly, compound annual growth rate of more than 50%. 2003 China online marketing market size was 1.82 billion yuan, the growth in 2004 reached 74%, market size reached 3.17 billion yuan. 2006 China online marketing market size is expected to reach 7 billion yuan.

it can be said that with domestic and foreign search firms to break into China, but also to many local community service providers to bring business opportunities, we have reason to believe that the local Internet service provider in enhancing skills in order to win more business opportunities at the same time. The arrival of these search firms and the local Internet service provider was a double-edged sword, and create a win-win situation and the virtuous circle of industrial ecosystem, which is probably what's common expectation of China network marketing.

take the first step

with the rapid development of network, more and more organizations are focusing on Internet marketing, but due to the lack of expertise and knowledge of the Internet marketing don't know many network marketing companies is to invest the money, but didn't get the desired results, then only complained that Internet marketing doesn't work, where these business mistakes? Because they did not take the first step in Internet marketing---marketing position.

Internet marketing positioning, most notably in the area of search engine promotion position.

search engine promotion is targeted clients based on keyword search, is by far the most effective, most targeted Internet marketing, in terms of search engine promotion marketing position, the key is to find the target customers and the most easy to use keywords, so that customers find you, make your promotion worked. There was a lamp to do business, Internet marketing, keyword is set by: the best lighting manufacturers, best lighting manufacturers, best lighting provider, just think, if the keyword to make the promotion, effects can be assessed. In the selection of keywords, should pay attention to the following aspects:

one, avoid blind pursuit of hot keywords;

Second, choose not to attribute too much keyword; attribute more, use less likely;

third, do market research, find customers the most easy to use key words;

overall, the first step in Internet marketing is mainly put on the position, choose their own way, according to their different characteristics, different extension programmes, enterprises will make more revenue.