Network promotion
General Web site promotion services are the following major steps:

the first chat, website optimization, project

talks included, how long will meet any requirements, such as a keyword rankings Baidu GG how many general foreign trade is through the optimization of GG

also has fewer Chinese optimization of GG but, another thing to negotiate is cost. (  Focuses on keyword costs and  )

Second, the Enterprise keyword list processing

  leisure Forum ( ) website for example, keywords can be the following: recreational, community, recreation and leisure Forum, leisure, casual dating, casual sites, leisure activities, etc.

these seven key early target is some of these keywords into the first few pages. After all this keyword competition is too fierce.

Thirdly, to extract the core keywords, long tail keywords

long tail keywords: recreation   recreation community dating   casual dating Forum   and leisure communities.

Lastly, to optimize each page, proper deployment of keywords for each page

This is on page optimization, it is critical to consider the user experience. Also to good rankings. General keywords should not exceed 8% of the page would be nice.

fifth, website internal links

I feel an inner join is optimized for the most important one, you didn't link yourself, how can spider all climbed. So do not build easy things stations connected.

link check before VI, attracting the spiders

This is not an error, or invalid links. Disgusted with the spiders, I could not find, next time I come. So is user experience, users see an error page is resent. To avoid such a situation the best is to create 404 error pages.

seventh, the enemy, victorious

Web site to look at the enemy's strength, will prevail.

eighth, creating a website external link

the chain is also very important, this is a chunk of weight. Outside the chain, the station you are friendly, make friends with the same, people see you friends a lot, just wants to be your friend, too.

Nineth, an optimization report monthly report

these began operating a website, not so worry in the business process, and collating information, writing optimization report. Summing up, which also do not good enough!

tenth, will report to bosses in writing

bad-boss looked after the report is ready ... All completed. Above the pleasant cooperation to achieve win-win results!