Network promotion
Next step: included

     as you know, to let you know your website, search engines are one of the most important channels, so you have to let the search engines know your website. How to let the search engines know your website? Take you to the search engines (such as Baidu, Google and others) to submit your website, so that your site is indexed by search engines. Before submitting, you must ensure that your website has some content and related keywords and URL optimization, this is important. Baidu search specific ways you can "submit Web site to search engines".

     step two: rank

     Web site after a certain amount of included, you can submit your website to the ALEXA in order to make your site into its ranks in the sequence. This need must be included in the amount and flow of your website, your site will be ranked data. How to increase traffic to it? The best way of course is to increase the chain. Specific ways you can Google "how to increase the chain".

     the third step: flow

     We know that the sources of traffic to the site in addition to search engine (included and the chain) the indirect channels, there are activities such as friends on the sharing, e-mail, shared software, QQ and so on directly. This time, you can submit your site to the Google Analytics and AdSense Statistics, real time so that you can view and analyze your Web site traffic to make promotion methods.

     fourth step: order

     e-commerce Web site, the site has a steady flow, does not necessarily mean that your Web site has a corresponding order because the order quantity and prices of your products, shopping process, payment distribution, incentives are closely related. This time you'll have to your site the product price, the shopping process, payment distribution, optimization and adjustment of preferential policies related to increase the appeal of your product (that is, increase conversions).

     the fifth step: members

     a stable volume of orders, we should have thought of this time to hold on to customers under these orders, so we have to give members certain preferential policies so that these customers can become our Member.

     the sixth step: reputation

     there is a certain amount of members, how to ensure repeat business and stable growth in new customers? This time we're going to do Word of mouth, which is for our members to introduce their friends to become our Member, we give references of course certain concessions.

     the seventh step: the brand

     When a member reaches a certain amount of time, we need to do the site brand, this is the last bastion of promotion. At this time we can use media advertising, event planning, and more for brand building and promotion.