Network promotion
Research shows that search engine marketing is still the most important methods of website promotion aspect, in fact, in the United States search engine now has one of the most mature Internet marketing methods. However, in many of the company's marketing budget is still not giving full attention to Internet marketing.

role of search engines in the Web site promotion was beyond doubt, traditional network marketing or search engine promotion as the main work, while the new online marketing tools are constantly emerging, search engines now than 3 years ago has greatly reduced, but search engines still can't be ignored. In fact, in the United States, search engines now has one of the most mature Internet marketing methods. Domestic situations may be relatively backward, many Web sites don't even know how to search engine registration, do not know what the major search engine registration, for search engine optimization techniques and management of website ranking after registering also lack a basic understanding.

search engine's contribution to Web site traffic

on the contribution of search engine traffic, and CyberAtlas, a recent survey shows that nearly 70% per cent of respondents reflect to some extent satisfied, 24% the enterprises surveyed believe that site 75% 's traffic comes from search engine referrals. However, the survey also found that there 25% thought that search engine traffic less than 25%. Only 13% per cent of respondents for search engine and Web directory for the website how many visits do not have a clear understanding.   On the role of search engine traffic to the Web site, another consultant company IMT Strategies by 400 consumer and Business Email users find new Web sites were investigated, found that search engines ranked first, here are the findings:

method of finding new sites:

search engine 45.8%

Word 20.3%

free surf 19.9%

5.1% BANNER ads

stumble 2.1%

newspaper 1.4%

TV 1.4%

based on the above information, many increase your website exposure is necessary, search engines still deserves attention.

search engine registration management

we know that the end of search engine registration is not equal to the task, has landed in the search engine's Web site, if your site has large changes (such as Web sites, Web site themes and so on), should also be registered instead of passively waiting for the search engines to visit. In addition, the needs or you regularly log on search engine rankings change, if where you are constantly late, and in front of your competition all the time, you need to analyze the reason, if it is your reason, then you need to optimize your Web page and submit your site to the search engines once again.

CyberAtlas survey shows that, in terms of search engine registration management, United States generally pay more attention to company's marketing staff, most enterprises have been registered in the regular search engine checks, but also for search engine promotion methods are reasonable. 85% per cent of respondents, their monthly or more frequent checks a Web site's ranking in search engines, 65% check at least once a month, once a week is 13%, only 7% of those surveyed answered never checks a Web site's ranking in search engines.

other found on search engines

CyberAtlas survey search engine applications, in addition to the search engine's role beyond convincing to a certain extent, other finds of great value.

search engine optimization services is still a chances. Search engine ranking monitor and optimize work is mostly done by corporate insiders (80%), external professional consultancy services for only 13%. Regardless of internal or external personnel to do the work, results of satisfaction level. This shows that search engine optimization (SEO) services still have a certain degree of market opportunities.

premium search engine recognition. Major search engines using premium rankings and submit your site by way of rapid development, which further explain the search engines free registration times will become history. Found that 30% number of respondents using Yahoo!, and , LookSmart pay search engines, marketers that use these paid services, the majority said, select keywords depending on the target market positioning can achieve the best results, because it can ensure that site visits are of high relevance.

search engine on the Web site in different industries in different ways. Survey, travel, food, housing, health care, retail, site visits to higher reliance on search engines, search engines to minimize the effect on manufacturing industries and Government agencies.

network marketing budgets have not taken seriously. Although role recognized by search engines, but only a handful of companies in the distribution rarely share of marketing budget to search engine promotion strategy, 46% of those surveyed reported that the search engine optimization service costs less than 0.5% of marketing budgets, with only 10% of the public budgets allocated to the network marketing 25%.