Network promotion
Haven't written articles about SEO optimization, SEO English name: Search Engine Optimization English translation: search engine optimization. Actually, this mean more website design search engine search engine here is a user. Can make this website users like it, you can have a good ranking. But also more in line with your real users of Web services. So search engines often say: not for the search engines and SEO.

but there are a lot of websites just to fit for search engines and SEO, it is known as black hat SEO, Web pages a lot of stuffing keywords, site content page that is not associated with a connection to the Web page, make real Web site users don't know what to look for.

I feel the site with product designs should belong to the same level of SEO. Product design is a product designed to give users a better, more adhesive users, and promotion of a product, using search engines is a very good channel, how the product can occupy a very important position in the search engines? Then you need SEO, adjustment is more suitable for website use SEO search engine. Site can occupy a very important position in the search engines. When users search for a keyword when our site will show to the user, will be left to the product designers, let the user firmly glued to the site.

white Crow wrote an article "about the proliferation of user experience," said is there have been many to understand the meaning of the Word user experience was negative, and even more than the positive. SEO has not actually do? Although SEO has gone deep into the hearts of every webmaster and designer, but I still have a lot of friends cannot correctly understand intent of here. Of a website SEO ranking is not alone is said to clear. Nor can say clear PR value. SEO and design, is a long-term process, not 1:30 will be able to achieve the desired results. Is a gradual process. According to user's need to constantly judge and improve a process. So don't waste a word for the moment and forget the real SEO ranking purposes.

I do SEO optimization, but with the longer the more you will understand. Understand more, slowly I take it a lot, not complaining about the search engine. Not complaining about the boss, nor complain to other people. Website ranking well there must be a reason, but more than half is due to their own Web site. Product design is the same, customers less than the client's cause, but your product has been unable to attract customers. People, of course, to leave. Rankings disappear or decline in ranking is definitely your site there are those that do not, so search engines have begun to hate sites has left the site. Is not a search engine is not good, but not good enough. So drop in rankings or disappears don't complain about others, check yourself, then talk.

website SEO has begun restructuring to the network to promote the piece, a product promotion is not just SEO, not only by search engines, and many channels, make use of the search engine SEO the way alone. But SEO is a more than an indispensable basis for the core product. So a good website can be recognized by customers, product design, and SEO is an essential process. This process is long and long.